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We Are Tax Warriors

For over 30 years Tax Warriors has been helping individuals and businesses successfully manage and resolve IRS and State tax issues so life can get back on track. We just don’t file papers, we develop creative solutions to match your situation.

Why Hire Tax Warriors?

Here is what you need to know before you hire someone to help you with your tax issues;

  • Not all tax help companies are the same.
  • Owing money to the IRS, or State, is a very unique problem that requires specific knowledge of tax preparation and the collection process.

  • The first place to start is to file all past returns, or correct previously filed returns. See “What if I don’t have any of my tax documents?” later on.

    A Certified Public Accountant is a licensed professional that is required to uphold a standard by continuing their educational qualifications, and competence. Knowledge of taxes, and IRS/State collection procedures is necessary to review your tax returns, and make adjustments to lower any taxes before any agreement is reached. This could mean thousands of dollars in savings even before the collection process is managed.

    All the so-called “tax doctors,” “IRS slayers,” etc. are no more than market companies that collect money, and sell your case to someone else to work on. Or, worst, they hand your case over to one of their so-called “para-professionals” implying this person has some kind of legal training, or specialty. In fact they are a glorified sales person trained to get you to pay them, instead of the IRS. After a while (sometimes as years) a lot of taxpayers run out of money before they realize they have been taken advantage of, and now owe the IRS more than whey they started.

    You deserve better. I know we can help you improve your situation no matter where you are in the process. Most of our clients have already paid someone (either a so-called tax expert, or attorney) only to find their case has stalled, or they can no longer afford to pay either the IRS, or the so-called tax expert. We file an updated power of attorney (form 2848) with the IRS, get the information, and begin the process right away. Once we talk with the IRS on your behalf, we develop a plan, and review with you the best way to resolve the issues. Then you decide if you would like to hire us to help, or if you can take in on. In either event, you will have the answer, and the way to get it done.

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